At Ashford Benjamin, our top priority is our commitment to ensuring our clients get the best possible service, and that the recruitment industry raises its standard and image to the highest possible level. This applies to servicing the legal and compliance industries, and also to society as a whole. As recruiters, we are in the unique position of connecting with a hugely varied spectrum of people, and we can add value to the world by bringing these people together, not only as employers and employees, but through collaboration on a host of fronts that will benefit society.

We are therefore happy to provide links below to our affiliates, associates and organisations that we support. We hope you find the time to visit them and find them useful and informative.

Liberty Asia

Liberty Asia is a project under Share (Asia Pacific) Limited, a HK-registered charity, that aims to prevent human trafficking through legal advocacy, technological interventions, and strategic collaborations with NGOs, corporations, and financial institutions.

Conventus Law

Conventus Law is an online legal media platform with a Asia Pacific focus helping and making life easier for the legal community doing business in Asia.

Bespoke Professionals

Bespoke Professionals are a specialist, tailored legal recruitment firm, based in Bahrain and focused on the Middle East. Ashford Benjamin have enjoyed a lengthy professional relationship with them and are happy to recommend their services.