Ashford Benjamin Flexible Working Solutions

Ashford Benjamin are very happy to offer flexible working solutions to our candidates and clients. For candidates, we offer the opportunity to join us as a consultant and have access to a broad range of opportunities across financial institutions, law firms, and...

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Hiring To Manage Third Party Risk

Managing third-party risk and compliance is becoming an increasingly important factor in doing business. The days when engineering companies, legal firms or even moviemakers did everything in-house are long gone. More and more modern organisations rely on third...

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Growing awareness of the usefulness and power of automation is leading to a sea-change in how organisations carry out their compliance and risk management. This has significant implications for those working in the sector, with growing numbers of staff being replaced...

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The rise of contract roles in the legal sector

For many years contract staff were mainly hired by law firms for due diligence, to provide help with big litigation cases, and to fill in for staff taking maternity leave. However, recently there has been a growing trend to hire lawyers on contract to meet changing...

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