The demise of billable hours?

It appears that billable hours , once the bane of stressed newly-qualified and junior associates, are now becoming less popular, and, indeed, are being phased out of some law firms. The system has long been recognised for its shortcomings – the lack of transparency...

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The impact of ESG on the legal profession

The rise of environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations has profound implications for the legal environment – and the need for professionals with the requisite skills. More and more companies are integrating ESG into their core business practices, and...

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As understanding of problems associated with coronavirus has grown, more and more law firms have opted to give their staff flexible work hours, offering them the chance to spend more time working from home. And it appears that a continued tendency to allow...

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Let's Get Digital...  The move towards taking networking and client relationship development online, along with digitalising events, was already well under way before the emergence of the coronavirus. Nevertheless, the effects of the pandemic have accelerated the...

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